Private Chef

Imagine, after a long work day, being greeted at home by a private chef cooking roasted garlic chicken with rosemary potatoes.
Or maybe you would prefer a more exotic lemongrass marinated halibut fillet on a bed of basmati with a Thai coconut curry sauce and organic sugar snap peas. Meanwhile, your children happily scarf down turkey meatloaf and zucchini fingers. Add to that a hot apple pie for dessert and a batch of homemade blueberry muffins for your breakfast the next morning, and you get the idea.
A private chef can take the stress of meal planning out of your day- so you can spend more time doing what you want.

Chef Alison Wonderland Tucker can design menus around your specific needs and preferences – with attention to dietary restrictions, allergies, and, of course, taste.

The meals are cooked in her professional kitchen or cooked to order in your home, served to you hot off the grill, or packed up with instructions for you to reheat later.

Here’s a note that a client wrote:
“Thank you so much for coming into my family’s life. It’s been years since we have sat down together for anything other than take-out. The kids are already asking what you’ll be making for next week’s meals. You have really given us the gift of memories that we will cherish for a long time!”

Apple Pie
The BEST apple pie
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